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LOCATION: The Ely Cemetery is located on the east side of CR 27-1, 70 rods north of CR L. (SE 1/4, Sec 2, T10S, R1W).

HISTORY: In 1852 the area Presbyterians built a house of worship along the road known as the Brunersburg, Evansport and Lockport Turnpike, north of the Angola Road, on land obtained from John H. Fisher and Benjamin Persing. In 1855 the church trustees purchased land south of the church to be used as a burial site. This grave yard, first known as the Mt. Salem Cemetery, has for many years been called the Ely Cemetery. The first burial at the cemetery was Albe Thompson who died 19 June 1855 at the age of 20 years and 10 days. In 1984 no marker is found for Albe Thompson. Some markers in the cemetery show death dates before 1855 and it is surmized that these mark graves moved from other sites. The Presbyterian Church closed in 1898 and the building dismantled.


ELY CEMETERY - Franklin Township
Row 1 (Read all rows left to right facing east); Row 3 continued:
PERRY. Elizabeth A. 1855 - 1892 Catherine d/o P.R. Fisher
GUNSAULLUS. Daniel E. 4 Oct 1864 At 21y-7m-9d (CW) 13 Nov 1883 Ae 38y-10nM6d
Margarett d/o M.M& E.I. Gunsaullus FISHER. Phillip R. 26 Aug 1894 Ae 79y-1m-19d
28 Sep 1854 Ae 10y-9m-21d Mary H. 31 Oct 1893 Ae 75y-1m-13d
Elizabeth d/o M.M. & E.I. Gunsaullus FISHER. Mary J. 23 Nov 1847 - 4 May 1902
3 Nov 1854 Ae 18d (Broken & missing stone)
Mary E. ?? Oct 1869 Ae ?7y-10m-18d (Broken & missing stone)
M.M. d 1 Feb 1856 HARDEN, Elliot s/o J.H. Harden
Isabella d 21 Oct 1854 20 May 1850 Ae 1y-10m-15d
(The Gunsaullus stone is in very poor condition from erosion.) HARDEN, Mary w/o of John Harden
27 Mar 1876 Ae 59y-1m-25d
Row 2: GUNSAULLUS. Barbara d/o D.W. & H. Gunsaullus
BLACK, Tyrzaann J. w/o I. Black 11 Sep 1865 Ae 1y-9m-11d
25 Jan 1860 Ae 40y GUNSAULLUS. Nancy  w/o D. Gunsaullus
SAYERS. Hary L. w/o A. Sayers 25 Sep 1869 Ae 78y-5m-27d
18 May 1898 Ae 52y-8m-3d (Stone with no Information)
ROBISON, Eliott 29 Dec 1864 Ae 64y-4m GUNSAULLUS. Clara E. d/o D. & E.A. Gunsaullus
Rosannah w/o Eliott Robison 4 Sep 1871 Ae 2y-5m-23d
28 Nov 1859 Ae 49y-9m-13d Row 4:
Franklin s/o E. & R. Robison FISHER, S.F. d 22 Sep 1884 Ae 47y
31 Dec 1864 Ae 13y-10m-28d FISHER, Hilton s/o J.H. & M.A. Fisher
DUFF. Harriet d/o J. & C. Duff 21 Nov 1866 Ae 23y-8m-18d
11 Mar 1865 Ae 21y-1m-24d FISHER, Harriet H. d/o J.H. & M.A. Fisher
DUFF, Margaret d/o Jas. & C. Duff 23 Aug 1850 Ae 2y-9m-2d
24 Jan 1854 Ae 19y FISHER. Mary Ann w/o John H. Fisher
DUFF, Christian w/o James Duff 2 May 1850 Ae 34y-5m-15d
6 Sep 1858 Ae 51y-5m-4d FISHER, John H. 12 Apr 1876 Ae 85y-5m
DUFF. James 17 May 1862 Ae 50y-2m-15d FISHER, Ellen J. w/o John Fisher
BODLEY. Joseph s/o D.H. & S. Bodley 12 Jun 1879 Ae 51y-5m-12d
1 Oct 1854 Ae 1m-7d ELY, Catharine Ann Fisher w/o Robert Ely
Row 3: 1 Apr 1820 - 11 Mar 1904
FISHER. Alfred W. 1855 - 1920 BIGBEE, Catharine E. w/o G.W. Bigbee
FISHER. John M. s/o P.R. & M.M. Fisher (Set in concrete - unable to read.)
d 6 Dec 1882 READER, John B. 22 May 1856 Ae 23y
Melville C. s/o P.R. & M.M. Fisher (Broken stone - missing)
26 Feb 1884 Ae 3m-9d   SHIPMAN, Almira w/o J.H. Shipman
FISHER. Daniel s/o P.R.& M.M. Fisher was killed & 23 Apr 1873 Ae 27y-8m-29d
buried at Kennesaw Mountain, Ga. ELY. William 15 Feb 1861 Ae 58y-11m-15d