Volume 1 Page 154

LOCATION: The Beck Cemetery is located two miles east and one-half mile south of Burlington on the east side of County Road 21. (W1/2, Sec 14, T7N, R5E.)

HISTORY: The cemetery occupies land deeded to Christian Beck in 1834. The first burials were made before 1850 and it is possible some unmarked graves exist in the cemetery. West, across the road, is found the Wyse Cemetery.


Row 1:
CRONTZ, Solomon 22 Feb 1856 Ae 31y-5m-5d
Row 2:
BAER Samuel (f) 18 Sep 1899 Ae 87y-7m-6d
Elizabeth (m) w/o Saml. Baer
Nov 1848 Ae 37y
Row 3:
CRONTZ. Susana w/o P. Crontz
?? Feb 1850 Ae 40y-1m-15d
CRONTZ. Phillip 13 Dec 1855 Ae 59y
Row 4:
(footstone S.A.B.)
(stone broken - Illegible)
Row 5:
BECK Magdilena 1800 - 1850
BROWN. Johnson F. 16 Sep 1850 Ae 1y-1m-23d
Mary Leah 16 Sep 1850 Ae ?y-1m-12d
 children of A.& R. Brown