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LOCATION: The Snow Cemetery is located one mile east and one and one-half miles north of the village of Fayette, Ohio, on the southwest corner of the intersection of TR T and CR 23. (NE1/4, Sec 17, T9S, RIE.)

HISTORY: Land granted to George W. Bullock in 1835 was subsequently sold to Spencer Snow. In 1842 a frame school was built at the corners and the community became known as the "Snow Settlement". In 1852 Spencer and Dolly Snow deeded a three-quarter acre plot west of the school yard to the Union Cemetery Association. This burial ground, known as the Snow Cemetery, has been in- active for many years and is in very poor condition. Many of the markers are broken, down and some are covered with sod. Several markers recorded circa 1940 are no longer found on the grounds.


Row 1 (Start at NW Corner

read moving South Row 8:
LUCE, Henry M. 21 Mar 1863 Ae 12y 6m HALE, Gilbert s/o G.& B. Hale
Sylvester B. 10 Nov 1865 Ae 5y-10m-16d 31 Aug 1851 Ae 11m-19d
Charles W. 4 Jul 1870 Ae 4m MACE, Jay A. s/o W.A.& Amanda Mace
children of H.R & C. Luce (stone down-broken) 9 Sep 1853 Ae 1y-2m
Row 2: ROSE, Susanna P. w/o Ruel Rose 19 Jun 1852 Ae 38y-5m
WHALEY, Abagail w/o J.C. Whaley Ruel 5 Mar 1852 Ae 48y-18d
(stone down) 1 May 1876 Ae 63y Gardner H. s/o R.& S.P. Rose 9 Jun 1864 Ae 15y-3d
WHALEY, Sarah d/o J.C.& A. Whaley Rhoda ?? 23 Jun 1871 Ae 78y-2m-29d
(stone down) 17 Ju1 1880 Ae 2y-3m-11d (stone down)
STEWART, Margret 7 May 1887 Ae 62y-2m-4d Row 9:
erected by J.C. Whaley for his housekeeper SERGENT, George W. s/o E.& Hannah Sergent
(stone down and broken) (stone down-broken) 8 Oct 1847 Ae 36y
Row 3: Row 10:
EMERICK, Mary M. d/o A.& E. Emerick (base only)
21 Oct 1850 Ae 1y-1m-1d Row 11:
stone down & broken WOODWARD, John 22 Jan 1857 Ae 85y-2m-25d
Row 4: ?? his wife (stone down-broken-missing)
(base only - marker missing) ( f?) 19 Dec 18?? Ae 61y-5m-2d
Row 5: - (stone down-broken-missing)--
WHITMAN, Truman D. s/o I.M.& C.A. Whitman MACE, Wendell 16 Ju1 1851 Ae 75y
25 Ju1 1876 Ae 19y-1m-26d MACE, Mary 31 Dee 1863 Ae 81y
HIBBERT, Elma J. d/o M.& M.A. Hibbert CONRAD, Parcilla w/o Jacob-Conrad
10 Aug 1861 Ae 1y-11m-11d (stone down) 29 May 1871 Ae 85y-7m-19d
BLOOD, Emma W. 8 Jun 18!7 Ae 67y-3m-9d Row 12:
Row 6: ELLIT, Martha J. d/o M.& C. Ellit
JUDD, Peter C. 21 Jan 1852 Ae 37y 8 May 1863 Ae 26y-2m
JUDD, Elijah s/o P.C.& A.E. Judd (base only)
(stone down) 20 May 1852 Ae 1y-6m Row 13:
(broken stone - most missing - letters Jonah 12 Jan 1856 Ae l0m-16d
AMIN stone matches Elijah Judd above.) Linaus 25 Sep 1854 Ae 4m-5d
Row 7: children of A.& C. Paul (stone down)
WHALEY, Della 2 Mar 1874 Ae 8y-2m-16d KENNDY, Richard A. s/o A.A.& H. Kenndy
Fannie 10 Apr 1874 Ae 5y-11m-10d (stone down-broken) 7 Sep 1859 Ae 5y
baby 31 Dec 1886 Ae 20d SAYLES, Clark Eugene s/o G.W.& S.A. Sayles
children of F.& H. Whaley 26 Aug 1864 Ae 15y-8m-26d
WHALEY, Charles H. s/o J.C.& S. Whaley Row 14:
23 Ju1 1881 Ae 40y-1m SCHUlLER, John P.
(base - no marker) 26 May 1848 Ae 78y (broken)
(broken base)